2 thoughts on “How to unlock Galaxy S20 when you forget the password or PIN (without resetting the phone)?”

  1. Purchased an unlocked S20 5G through Amazon. Used Smart Switch to transfer data from old to new cell. Unable to call anyone on my contacts? Saw message “out of net” don’t understand what that means. Anyway now I’m locked out because it wants my password. Never set up for password, instead chose fingerprint to unlock. How to I open my phone when I never made a password????

    1. If you chose fingerprint, it always asks you to set up the PIN/password/pattern. Otherwise, Galaxy S20 will NOT register your fingerprint at all. So, on Galaxy S20, there is no way to use fingerprint without setting the PIN/password/pattern.

      When you use biometrics to unlock Galaxy S20, you will be asked to use PIN/password/pattern at least every 48 hours. Also, after you reboot the phone, you always have to use the PIN/password to unlock Galaxy S20.

      If you did not set up a Samsung account and forgot the PIN/password, you have to reset the phone. Please note, after the factory data reset, you must use the Google account existing on the phone before the reset.

      To make calls, you need a working SIM card. If you cannot make calls, you need to check whether your SIM card is recognized or placed wrongly. There are some icons in the status bar indicating the status.

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