1.11 Entering text on Galaxy S23

Introduction: You need to use the keyboard to enter text when using Galaxy S23. The default Samsung Keyboard with multi-language support is a decent one and insufficient for most Galaxy S23 owners. There are a few useful features, for example, Writing Assistant (Grammarly integration) and extracting text from any images/camera. You should try them if you are not aware of these cool features.

Update: in the One UI 6.1 update for Galaxy S23, Writing Assist, which is a generative AI (Galaxy AI) feature, was added to the Samsung keyboard. Wiriting Assistant (integration with Grammarly) was moved to Samsung Keyboard settings.

Keyboard layout

A keyboard appears automatically when you enter text.

Samsung keyboard layout on Galaxy S23
  • Additional keyboard functions.
  • Access more keyboard functions.
  • Enter uppercase. For all caps, tap it twice.
  • Delete a preceding character .
  • Enter symbols.
  • Break to the next line.
  • Enter a space.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners: Text entry is not supported in some languages. To enter text, you must change the input language to one of the supported languages.

Changing the input language

Tap Settings buttonLanguages and types → Manage input languages and select the languages to use. When you select two or more languages, you can switch between the input languages by tapping Untitled.

Changing the keyboard

On the navigation bar, tap Untitled to change the keyboard.

To change the keyboard type, tap Settings buttonLanguages and types, select a language, and then select the keyboard type you want.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

• If the keyboard button (Untitled) does not appear on the navigation bar, open Settings, tap General management → Keyboard list and default, and then tap the Keyboard button on navigation bar switch to turn it on.

• On a 3 x 4 keyboard, a key has three or four characters. To enter a character, tap the corresponding key repeatedly until the desired character appears.

Additional keyboard functions

  • Untitled : Enter emojis, stickers, and more. You can also enter your emoji stickers that look like you. Refer to Using your AR emoji stickers in chats for more information.
  • Untitled : Add an item from the clipboard.
  • Untitled : Switch to one-handed operation mode.
  • Untitled : Enter text by voice.
  • Untitled : Change the keyboard settings.

Tap More functions on Samsung keyboard to use more keyboard functions.

  • Untitled : Switch to handwriting mode.
  • Untitled : Switch to the split keyboard.
  • Untitled : Switch to the floating keyboard. You can move the keyboard to another location by dragging the tab.
  • Untitled : Search for content and enter it.
  • Untitled : Translate text and enter it.
  • Untitled : Recognise text from documents or images and enter it.
  • : Enter your personal information registered to Samsung Pass.
  • Writing assistant: Find spelling and grammatical mistakes and get suggestions when writing in English.
  • :Share music links.
  • :share video Share video links.
  • Emoji button: Enter emojis.
  • GIF: Attach GIFs.
  • sticker/    sticker      /    Sticker on Galaxy S23 keyboard      : Enter stickers.
  • change Samsung keyboard size: Change the keyboard size.
  • editing panel: Open the text editing panel.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:Some features may not be available depending on the carrier or model.

Copying and pasting

  1. Touch and hold over text.
  2. Drag     select     or      selection (right)    to select the desired text, or tap Select all to select all text.
  3. Tap Copy or Cut. The selected text is copied to the clipboard.
  4. Touch and hold where the text is to be inserted and tap Paste.

To paste text that you have previously copied, tap Clipboard and select the text.

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