Introduction: Connected Devices page on Galaxy S23 lets you change settings for device connections. This feature was added in the Android 13 (One UI 5) update. You can now configure how Galaxy S23 interacts with other devices in one place. Galaxy S23 How-to guides show details of some of these features.

On the Settings screen, tap Connected Devices.

  • Quick Share: Change the Quick Share settings. Refer to Quick Share for more information.
  • Auto switch Buds: Set the Galaxy Buds to switch from another device to your phone when you make or answer a call, play media, and more. You can use this feature only when you signed in to the same Samsung account on the other device and you are wearing your Galaxy Buds.
  • Call & text on other devices: Connect your tablet and phone to use calling and messaging features on the tablet with your phone number. You must register and sign in to the same Samsung account on the tablet and phone. Some calling and messaging features may not be available.
  • Continue apps on other devices: Use your phone’s apps on other devices signed in to your Samsung account.
  • Link to Windows: Instantly access data saved in your device on your computer. Refer to Link to Windows for more information.
  • Multi control: Use a mouse and keyboard connected to a Samsung computer that supports this feature on your phone.
  • Samsung DeX: Set the device to use like a computer. Refer to Samsung DeX for more information.
  • Smart View: View your phone’s displayed content on a large screen by connecting your phone to a screen mirroring-enabled TV or monitor. Refer to Smart View for more information.
  • Galaxy Wearable: When you connect your phone to the wearable device, you can customise the wearable device’s settings and apps. Refer to Galaxy Wearable for more information.
  • SmartThings: Control and manage smart appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Refer to SmartThings for more information.
  • Android Auto: Connect your device to a vehicle and control some of your device’s features on the vehicle’s display.

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