1.9 Notification panel on Galaxy S23

Introduction: The notification panel is an important part of Galaxy S23. You can get timely alerts and notifications so that you can take proper action. Besides, Quick Settings and a shortcut to brightness control are also accessible from the notification panel to make you more productive.

When you receive new notifications, indicator icons appear on the status bar. To check out more information about the icons, open the notification panel and check the details.

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Access notification panel

To open the notification panel, drag the status bar downwards. To close the notification panel, swipe upwards on the screen.

You can use the following functions on the notification panel.

Galaxy S23 notification panel
  • Quick setting buttons
  • Open Settings.
  • Control connected nearby devices Control media on your phone and and SmartThings devices and connected nearby devices.
  • scenes.
  • Clear all notifications. Check the notification details and perform various actions.
  • Access the notification settings.

Using quick setting buttons

Tap quick setting buttons to turn on certain features. Swipe downwards on the notification panel to access more buttons. To add more buttons, tap add quick settings buttons on Galaxy S23

With the Android 14 update (One UI 6) for Galaxy S23, S22, and S21, you can swipe down from the top right of the status bar to instantly access the quick settings panel without going through the notification panel, as explained in this guide.

Galaxy S23 quick settings

To change feature settings, tap the text under each button. To access more detailed settings, touch and hold a button.

To rearrange buttons, tap menu iconEdit buttons, drag a button to another location.

Controlling media playback

Control media on your phone and connected nearby devices on the notification panel.

  1. Open the notification panel and tap Media output.
  2. Tap the icons on the controller to control the playback.

Controlling nearby devices

Launch and take control of nearby connected devices and frequently used SmartThings devices and scenes on the notification panel.

  1. Open the notification panel and tap Device control. Nearby connected devices and SmartThings devices and scenes will appear.
  2. Select a nearby device or a SmartThings device to control it, or select a scene to launch it.

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