Introduction: Using Samsung DeX, you can use your phone like a computer by connecting the phone to an external display, such as a TV or monitor. Accomplish tasks you want done on your phone on a large screen using a keyboard and mouse. While using Samsung DeX, you can simultaneously use your phone.

Do not confuse Samsung Dex with Link to Windows, which only works with your Windows PC. Samsung DeX works with a monitor/TV or a Windows PC.

Connecting devices and starting Samsung DeX

Wired connections to external displays

You can connect your phone to an external display using an HDMI adapter (USB Type-C to HDMI).

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

Use only official Samsung DeX-supported accessories that are provided by Samsung. Performance problems and malfunctions caused by using accessories that are not officially supported are not covered by the warranty.

  1. Connect an HDMI adapter to your phone.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI adapter and to a TV or monitor’s HDMI port.
  3. On your phone’s screen, tap Start.

Without changing your phone’s screen, the Samsung DeX screen will appear on the connected TV or monitor.

use Samsung DeX on Galaxy S23 with Wired connections to external displays

Connecting to a TV wirelessly

You can use Samsung DeX by connecting your phone to a TV wirelessly.

  1. On your phone, open the notification panel, swipe downwards, and then tap Untitled (DeX).
  2. Select a TV from the detected devices list and tap Start now.

Some TVs will only be detected when its screen mirroring mode is turned on.

  1. If the connection request window appears on the TV, accept the request.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

When they are connected, the Samsung DeX screen will appear on the TV.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:
  • It is recommended to use a Samsung Smart TV manufactured after 2019.
  • Make sure that screen mirroring is supported on the TV you want to connect to.

Controlling the Samsung DeX screen

Controlling on an external display

Controlling with an external keyboard and mouse

You can use a wireless keyboard/mouse. Refer to the respective device’s manual for more information.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:
  • You can set the mouse pointer to flow from the external display to the phone’s screen. Open Settings, select Samsung DeX → Mouse and trackpad, and then select the Flow pointer to phone screen switch to turn it on.
  • You can also use the external keyboard on the phone’s screen.

Using your phone as a touchpad

You can use your phone as a touchpad.

On your phone, tap dexon the navigation bar. If you have set the navigation bar to use Swipe gestures, open the notification panel and tap Use your phone as a touchpad.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:
  • If you double tap info on the touchpad, you can check out the gestures you can use with the touchpad.
  • If your phone’s case has a front cover, open the front cover to use your phone as a touchpad. If the front cover is closed, the touchpad may not work properly.
  • If your phone’s screen turns off, press the Side key or double tap the screen to turn on the screen.
Controlling the Samsung DeX screen with Galaxy S23

Using the screen keyboard

When you enter text to send messages, create notes, or perform other tasks, a screen keyboard will appear automatically on your phone’s screen without connecting an external keyboard.

Using Samsung DeX

Use your phone’s features in an interface environment similar to a computer. You can multitask by running multiple apps simultaneously. You can also check your phone’s notifications and status.

Samsung DeX screen
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:
  • The Samsung DeX screen layout may differ depending on the connected device.
  • When starting or ending Samsung DeX, running apps may be closed.
  • Some apps or features may not be available when using Samsung DeX.
  • To adjust the screen settings, use the connected TV or monitor’s display settings.
  • To change the audio output, tap the status bar, select Media output, and then select a device.

Using Samsung DeX and phone simultaneously

While using Samsung DeX, you can use separate apps on the external display and your phone simultaneously.

For example, while watching a video on the connected TV or monitor, you can chat with your friend on a messenger.

On the connected TV or monitor, open an app to run on the Samsung DeX screen. Then, open another app on your phone.

Locking the Samsung DeX screen

If you want to lock the Samsung DeX screen and your phone’s screen while using Samsung DeX, select apps iconLock DeX.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

While using Samsung DeX, you cannot lock the Samsung DeX screen and your phone’s screen by pressing the Side key.

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