1.1 Device layout and functions

Introduction: Understanding the device layout and functions is critical for using Galaxy S23 effectively. You can find detailed and in-depth information about this on our extended Galaxy S23 layout page.

The comparison of Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S23+ vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra was explained in this post.

Galaxy S23 Ultra:

Galaxy S23 Ultra Device layout and functions
Galaxy S23 Ultra Device layout and functions: front illustration
Galaxy S23 Ultra Device layout and functions: back
Galaxy S23 Ultra Device layout and functions: rear illustration

Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23:

Galaxy S23 and S23+ Device layout and functions: front
Galaxy S23 and S23+ Device layout and functions: front illustration
Galaxy S23 and S23+ Device layout and functions: rear
Galaxy S23 and S23+ Device layout and functions: rear illustration

  • When using the speakers, such as when playing media files or using speakerphone, do not place the device close to your ears.
  • Be careful not to expose the camera lens to a strong light source, such as direct sunlight. If the camera lens is exposed to a strong light source, such as direct sunlight, the camera image sensor may be damaged. A damaged image sensor is irreparable and will cause dots or spots in pictures.
  • If you use the device with its glass or acrylic body broken, there may be a risk of injury. Use the device only after it has been repaired at a Samsung Service Centre or an authorised service centre.
  • If dust or foreign materials enter the microphone, speaker, or receiver, or if these parts are covered, the device’s sound may become quiet or certain features may not work. If you attempt to remove the dust or foreign materials with a sharp object, the device may be damaged and its appearance may be affected.

  • Connectivity problems and battery drain may occur in the following situations:
    •  ‒  If you attach metallic stickers on the antenna area of the device
    •  ‒  If you attach a device cover made with metallic material to the device
    • ‒ If you cover the device’s antenna area with your hands or other objects while using certain features, such as calls or the mobile data connection
  • If the air vent hole is covered by an accessory, such as a protective film or sticker, unwanted noises may occur during calls or media playback.
  • Do not cover the proximity/light sensor area with accessories, such as stickers or a cover. Doing so may cause the sensor to malfunction.
  • The light may flicker at the top of the device during calls because of proximity sensor operation.
  • The colors on the Edge screen may look different depending on your viewing position. (Galaxy S23 Ultra)

Hard keys

Side keyWhen the device is off, press and hold to turn it on.

Press to turn on or lock the screen.

Press and hold to start a conversation with Bixby. Refer to Using Bixby for more information.

Press twice or press and hold to open the app or feature you set, e.g., Galaxy S23 camera quick launch.
Side key + Volume Down keyPress simultaneously to capture a screenshot.

Press and hold simultaneously to turn off the device.
Table 1: List of functions of the hard keys on Galaxy S23

Setting the Side key

Select an app or feature to launch by pressing the Side key twice or pressing and holding the Side key.

Open Settings, tap Advanced features → Side key, and then select an option you want.

Soft buttons

software buttons on Galaxy S23

When you turn on the screen, the soft buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Refer to Navigation bar (soft buttons) for more information.

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