Introduction: Voice Recorder on Galaxy S23 allows you to record or play voice recordings. It supports 3 different recording modes: standard, interview, and speech-to-text. The Voice Memo widget on the lock screen is a widget of this Voice Recorder app.

Use Voice recorder on Galaxy S23

  1. Open the Voice Recorder app.
  2. Tap recording button  to start recording. Speak into the microphone.
    • Tap  pause to pause recording.
    • While making a voice recording, tap BOOKMARK to insert a bookmark.
  1. Tap Untitled to finish recording.
  2. Enter a file name and tap Save.

Changing the recording mode

Select a mode from the top of the voice recorder screen.

  • Standard: This is the normal recording mode.
  • Interview: The device records sound from the top and the bottom of the device at a high volume while reducing the volume of sound from the sides.
  • Speech-to-text: The device records your voice and simultaneously converts it to on-screen text. For best results, keep the device near your mouth and speak loudly and clearly in a quiet place.
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

If the voice memo system language does not match the language you are speaking, the device will not recognise your voice. In this case, before using this feature, tap the current language to set the voice memo system language.

Playing selected voice recordings

When you review interview recordings, you can mute or unmute certain sound sources in the recording.

  1. Tap List and select a voice recording made in interview mode.
  2. To mute certain sound sources, tap Untitled for the corresponding direction that sound is to be muted.
Playing selected voice recordings

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