Introduction: Game Booster on Galaxy S23 simply configure and optimize your gaming environment.

You can play games in a better environment with Game Booster. You can use Game Booster while playing games.

To open the Game Booster panel while playing games, tapgame booster on the navigation bar. If the navigation bar is hidden, drag upwards from the bottom of the screen to show it. If you have set the navigation bar to use Swipe gestures, open the notification panel and tap Tap to open Game Booster.

  • Untitled : Lock the touch screen while the game is being played. To unlock the touch screen, drag the lock icon in any direction.
  • Untitled : Hide the buttons on the navigation bar. To display the buttons, tap Untitled on the navigation bar.
  • screenshot: Capture screenshots.
  • record: Record your game sessions. To stop recording, tap Untitled.
  • settings: Configure settings for Game Booster.
  • Priority mode: Set the device to block incoming calls and all notifications except for alarms to prevent your game from being disturbed.
  • Game optimisation: Change the performance mode.
  • Battery: Check the remaining battery usage time.
  • Temperature / Memory: Check the device’s temperature and memory status. You can also set the device to automatically adjust the volume or video frame rate to prevent the device from overheating and to stop apps from running in the background when there is not enough memory.
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:
  • You can set to open the Game Booster panel from the navigation bar while the navigation bar is set to Swipe gestures. On the Game Booster panel, tap settingsBlock during game and tap the Navigation gestures switch to turn it on.
  • Available options may vary depending on the game.

Opening apps in pop-up windows while playing games

You can open apps in pop-up windows while playing a game.

Tap game booster and select an app from the apps list.

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