Introduction: Samsung Notes on Galaxy S23 are designed for you to take and organize notes quickly. In addition to notes in text, you can also add voice to notes or add memos to PDF files. For Galaxy S23 Ultra owners, you can also use S Pen to “write” notes.

With the Android 14 (One UI 6) update for Galaxy S23, S22, and S21, you can drag and drop with two hands to insert pictures or videos into Samsung Notes from the Gallery app.

About Samsung Notes

Create notes by entering text from the keyboard or by handwriting or drawing on the screen. You can also insert images or voice recordings into your notes.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

Some features may not be available depending on the model.

Creating notes

  • Open the Samsung Notes app, tapUntitled, and then create a note.
Create notes with Samsung Notes
  • When you are finished composing the note, tap the Back button to save it. If you want to save the note in another file format, tap Untitled Save as file.

Deleting notes

Touch and hold a note to delete and tap Delete.

Composing notes with handwriting

On the note composer screen, tap handwriting icon to draw or write in your own handwriting.

You can enter your handwriting in a larger size if you magnify the screen by spreading two fingers on it.

toolbox  for Composing notes with handwriting in Samsung Notes

The toolbox includes:

  • Pen
  • Highlighter
  • Eraser
  • Select and edit.
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • S Pen to text.
  • Straighten
  • Convert handwriting to text.
  • Change styles.
  • Easy writing pad.
  • Auto-fix shapes.
  • Zoom lock.
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

If finger input does not work on a model that supports the S Pen, tap menu iconFinger drawing on.

Using the eraser

When you want to erase handwriting from a note, tap eraser and select an area to erase. Alternatively, select an area while pressing and holding the S Pen button.To change the eraser type, tap eraseronce more.

  • Stroke eraser: Erase the line you select.
  • Area eraser: Erase only the area you select. You can adjust the size of the eraser by dragging the size adjustment bar.
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

Even with a smaller eraser, you may still not be able to precisely erase the intended part.

Editing handwritten notes

Edit handwritten notes using various editing options, such as cutting, moving, or resizing.

  1. When there is handwriting on the note, tap Untitled .

To change the shape of the selection, tap editing options once more.

  1. Tap or draw a line around the input to select.
    • To move the input to another location, select the input, and then drag it to a new location.
    • To change the size of the selection, tap the input and drag a corner of the frame that appears.
edit handwriting notes in Samsung Notes
  1. Edit the input using the available options.

Converting handwriting to text

Tap handwriting to text and write on the screen with the S Pen. The handwriting will be replaced with text right away.

After writing on the screen, tap Converting handwriting to text in Samsung Notes. Options will appear in the preview window. If you drag upwardsor down arrow, you can select the handwriting you want. To replace the handwriting with the text, tap Convert.

Converting handwriting to text in Samsung Notes

Straightening content horizontally

You can horizontally straighten your handwriting and drawings.

After writing or drawing on the screen, tap Straightening content horizontally.

Changing styles

You can change the style of your handwriting and drawings.

After writing or drawing on the screen, tap change styles in Samsung Notes twice and select a colour or line thickness you want. Then, point the S Pen toward where you want to apply the style. When the right arraow icon appears, tap where you want to change the style.

Change styles in Samsung Notes

Using the easy writing pad

On the note composer screen, tap easy writing pad. The input field will be magnified and appear as the easy writing pad.

Easy writing pad  in Samsung Notes

Automatically fixing shapes

Tap auto-fix shapes in Samsung Notes and draw a shape. The shape will be fixed.

Recording voice to notes

Make a recording of your voice while creating a note, and then the content will be synchronised with the recording.

On the note composer screen, tap attachVoice recording and create a note.

Select a note from the list and tap play the voice note to play the recording. Then the content you created while recording will be displayed on the screen along with the recording.

Adding memos to PDF files

Open the Samsung Notes app, tap add memo to PDF files, and then select a PDF file. You can add memos to the PDF file.

Pinning a note to the Home screen

Pin a note to the Home screen to check it or open and edit it.

  1. Open the Samsung Notes app.
  2. Select a note and tap Untitled → Add to → Home screen.

The note will be added to the Home screen.

Clipping content

You can add content, such as a webpage link or an image, to a note.

  1. When there is content you want to clip while using the Samsung Internet, Messages, or Gallery app, open the Samsung Notes app in the split screen view or in the pop-up view. For more information about the split screen view or the pop-up view, refer to Multi window.

Alternatively, double tap the screen while pressing and holding the S Pen button, or open the Air command panel and tap Create note.

Options you can use will appear at the bottom of the note composer screen.

  1. Select an option you want.
Clipping content for Samsung Notes

Alternatively, double tap the screen while pressing and holding the S Pen button, or open the Air command panel and tap Create note.

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