Introduction: Samsung Internet is essentially the default web browser for Galaxy devices. It offers a few unique features compared to the Chrome browser on Galaxy S23 and other Android phones. For most Galaxy S23 owners, both Chrome and Samsung Internet are used.

In the Android 14 update (One UI 6), you can now save Image Clippers as stickers in the Samsung Internet app. You can also move bookmarks and tabs using the drag and drop with two hands gesture in the Samsung Internet app.

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Samsung Internet app

Browse the internet to search for information and bookmark your favourite web pages to access them conveniently.

  1. Open the Samsung Internet app.
  2. Enter the web address or a keyword, and then tap Go.

To access the toolbars, swipe downwards slightly on the screen.

To switch between tabs, tap  tab icon or swipe to the left or right on the address field.

Samsung Internet app
  • Bookmark the current webpage.        
  • Refresh the current webpage.
  • Access your bookmarks.
  • Open the homepage.        
  • Manage tabs. / Use Secret mode.
  • Move between pages.        
  • More options

Using Secret mode

If you set a password for Secret mode, you can prevent others from accessing your search history, browsing history, bookmarks, and saved pages.

  1. Tap Untitled → Turn on Secret mode.
  2. Tap the Lock Secret mode switch to turn it on, tap Start, and then set a password for Secret mode.

In Secret mode, the device will change the colour of the toolbars. To turn off Secret mode, tap tab iconTurn off Secret mode.

Note to Galaxy S23 owners: In Secret mode, you cannot use some features, such as screen capture.

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