Introduction: Galaxy S23 General management page lets you customise Galaxy S23’s system settings or reset the device. These include system language settings, keyboard management, date and time reset, resetting the phone settings, or factory data resetting the phone.


On the Settings screen, tap General management.

  • Language: Select device languages. Refer to Adding device languages for more information.
  • App languages: Select the language you want to use for each app.
  • Text-to-speech output: Change the settings for text-to-speech features used when TalkBack is turned on, such as languages, speed, and more.
  • Voice input: Download language packs to use the voice input feature offline.
  • Date and time: Access and alter the settings to control how the device displays the time and date.
Note to Galaxy S23 owners:

If the battery remains fully discharged, the time and date is reset.

  • Samsung Keyboard settings: Change the settings for the Samsung keyboard.
  • Keyboard list and default: Select a keyboard to use by default and change the keyboard settings.
  • Physical keyboard: Change the settings for an external keyboard.
  • Mouse and trackpad: Change the settings for an external mouse or trackpad.
  • Passwords and autofill: Select an autofill service to use.
  • Reset: Reset your device’s settings or perform a factory data reset.
  • Customisation Service: Set to get personalised service based on your interests and how you use your device.
  • Contact us: Ask questions or check the frequently asked questions.

Adding device languages

You can add languages to use on your device.

  1. On the Settings screen, tap General management → Language → Add language.

To check out all the languages that can be added, tap menu iconAll languages.

  1. Select a language to add.
  2. To set the selected language as the default language, tap Set as default. To keep the current language setting, tap Keep current.

The selected language will be added to your languages list. If you changed the default language, the selected language will be added to the top of the list.

To change the default language from your languages list, select the language you want and tap Apply. If an app does not support the default language, the next supported language in the list will be used.

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